Cold wind, making 4 delicious stew "dropped tongue", eating and still see craving

No need for restaurant and bar, just staying at home to enjoy the stewed dishes is full of the cold weekend.

1. Stomach stew with black pepper

Material :

 A pig stomach

- Fresh coconut, black pepper, cinnamon, star anise, wine

- Seasoning, salt, lemon


- The stomach of pigs must be prepared very clean to eliminate odors. Shave the inside, the outside to remove the mucus, then rub the salt up to shave thoroughly.

- Put the stomach into a pot of boiling water, then take it out and wash with cold water, then use another razor

- North a pot of boiling water to add pepper seeds.

Drop the stomach into the bowl, put pepper, cinnamon, anise in the stomach. Add 1 tsp of wine to the same.

- Cover the pot, boil the water for 30 minutes. When eating the stomach into small pieces to eat.


4 hours a week, & # 34; tut luoi & # 34 ;, an end is still good for them - 1



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See the image for detailed instructions here.

2. Sausage pork stew

Material :

- Pigs and pork intestines

- Horn peppers, scallions, ginger.

- Cooking oil, rock sugar, cinnamon, five flavors, Chinese soy sauce (cannot be replaced with Vietnamese soy sauce), wine

Making :

- About chilli, green onions, ginger, on the bottom of the pot and then the pig's feet on top

- Rock sugar win caramel, then cinnamon, star anise, five flavors into a light island with caramel and then add soy sauce, wine and water to filter. At this stage, you have to turn off the stove to prevent the street from burning.

- Put this mixture in the pot of pork and then stew with high heat until boiling again, turn down the heat and simmer about 1h30 minutes.

- After stew 1h30 minutes, add the alum sugar, white wine to the cellar for another 30 minutes. Then open the lid of the large lighter to thicken the sauce.

4 hours a day, & # 34; tut luoi & # 34 ;, an end is still good for them - 3

3. Chicken stewed with Chinese medicine


- 1 medium chicken or 1/4 chicken thigh, half chicken optional

- Chicken stewed herbs spices

- Wormwood

- Fresh turmeric

- Cooking oil, seasoning seeds


- Chicken cleaning, chop large pieces

- Turmeric remove the smashed shells

- Put chicken pieces in a marinated pot with herbs, spices, turmeric and seasoning seeds for 1 hour.

- After 1 hour, add wormwood to the chicken marinade, add seasoning seeds, cooking oil to the island. Marinate for 3 more minutes to infuse.

- After marinating, you pour 1-2 bowls of water depending on the amount you want more or less water and cook on high heat. Bring to the boil, reduce heat to low and simmer for 5 minutes on the stove, then turn off the heat to cool and repeat the cooking process for another 2 times.

now, make 4 delicious ham & # 34; tut luoi & # 34 ;, an end of life still replace them - 4

4. Beef stew pickles


- 5 slices of beef tendon

- Cabbage pickles

- Tomatoes, scallions, ginger, dry onions

- Coriander, coriander, lettuce.

- Spices: satay, salt, cooking oil, seasoning seeds


- Pickles washed, squeezed out water. Beef tendon slices to taste.

- Ginger grated, finely chopped. Tomatoes add areca zone. Scallions, Chinese coriander, and our short cut.

- Put the sliced ​​beef tendon just into a large bowl marinated with salt, cooking oil, ginger, seasoning seeds for about 20 minutes. Then, stir fry with hot oil for 5-10 minutes then add water. Continue to simmer until tender beef tendon is soft.

- Next, stir fry the pickles and tomatoes, taste and taste and pour into the beef broth. Add a bit of satay for more tasty dishes. Sprinkle with scallions, Chinese smell, and our top.

4 hours a day, & # 34; tut luoi & # 34 ;, an end is still good for them - 5