Why absolutely should not store honey in the refrigerator?

People often think that food in the fridge will last longer. However, honey is different.

Do not store honey in the refrigerator

Honey is a very good material for processing dishes or used to beautify and cough for the elderly and children, so many people often buy in large quantities to use. And then, the refrigerator will be a tool that you think can preserve your ingredients for a long time.

Besides, many people put honey in the fridge to see if it is frozen (crystallized) not to verify whether it is real or fake honey. However, it is best not to store honey in the refrigerator because the room temperature is the most suitable temperature to preserve honey. When the temperature is hotter or colder, they all degenerate honey, reducing flavor due to the difference in temperature.


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You should not put honey in the refrigerator because it will not help preserve for a long time but also lose the good nutrients in honey.

According to Dr. Duc Man - an expert with more than 50 years of experience in exploiting natural honey, "Normally honey can be liquid, viscous when at a normal temperature of 25 ~ 32 degrees C. When the temperature is lower than 18 degree C will take place the crystallization process in honey into very fine and uniform tiny particles that folk have a habit of called sugar deposition. There are many forms of crystallization in the bottle neck, bottle body or bottle bottom ".

Therefore, you should not keep honey in the refrigerator, because pure honey can normally be stored for about 1 -2 years at room temperature. When you put honey in the refrigerator not only does not help preserve for long, but also removes the good nutrients in honey.

Choose bottles and jars to hold honey

You should choose bottles, glass containers to store instead of plastic bottles as many people still use. In pure honey, especially forest honey has a lot of gas, if you do not go into the plastic bottle, it will stretch the plastic bottle and spill the honey out. 

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You should use glass jars to preserve honey.

You should not use metal or wooden jars to preserve honey, as it will cause odor and create toxic toxins.

Maximum storage time for honey 

- For wax honey: Maximum of 5-6 months in the refrigerator. Then, squeeze out all the honey in the wax and separate them separately. This will prevent sour fermentation and spoil the honey.

- For liquid honey: Many people think that honey can only preserve for a few months or half a year but not really. If you choose pure honey, you can leave it alone for about a year or more. However, you should not take too long, you should buy in quantities appropriate to your needs to avoid waste and keep the nutrients contained in honey.

How to properly preserve honey

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- Should only close the lid of bottles, jars, jars containing honey. Because if it is forest honey, it will foam and create gas. You should just close the lid gently to avoid the bile eruption.

- Leave the bottle and jar of honey in a cool place, no light on because honey will quickly change color, degenerate and ferment.

- Do not put honey on cold ground, as it will cause crystallization of honey.

- Keep honey away from high heat sources as it will cause denaturation.

- Do not let water and air get into the bottle, the jar contains honey as it will damage your honey.

Room temperature is the most suitable temperature to preserve honey. If 100% pure honey is properly extracted, it is not necessary to store it in the refrigerator. Normally the proportion of water in natural honey does not account for more than 24% of the overall weight. If the water content is higher than the allowed threshold, it will be soured like alcohol, this is a poor quality bile. To slow down the fermentation process, the seller advises buyers to store honey in the fridge. 

In fact, if honey is really good, it does not need to be stored at low temperatures and has a shelf life of up to several years.