No matter what kind of fish stock do not add salt, many people still do

The salting at the time of marinating fish or stocking also decides the quality of the dish.

Braised fish is a familiar dish in many family meals. However, not everyone knows the delicious fish stock. Explaining this, the chef thinks that it is because in the process of marinating fish, many people often give salt. But the salt itself makes the fish meat hunt, preventing the fish infuse other spices. Therefore, when marinating fish, you should not add salt but other ingredients. You can refer to the following:


- Carp, bacon

- Spices: Onion, ginger, garlic, star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf, soy sauce, dried chili, cooking wine, soy sauce, pepper just enough

Note: Star anise, cinnamon, bay leaf can be added or not depending on the taste


After surgery and clean, remove the gill and black membrane in the abdomen, then cut. For all fish and large bowls. Add a spoon of cooking wine and white vinegar, add some ginger and chopped green onions and marinate for 10 minutes. 


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It is worth noting that many people add a little salt to marinate but the fish is salted then the meat will hunt to make it difficult for the fish to absorb other spices. Therefore, salt should not be added to fish. Adding a little cooking alcohol and white vinegar to the marinating has a special effect. Cooking wine and white vinegar work to remove the fishy odor, while white vinegar can keep fish meat fresher and softer.

Scallion, ginger, sliced ​​garlic. Pork slices to taste.

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Put the bacon in the pan, heat, stir well to reduce the fat. Then add onion, ginger, garlic to the island for aroma.

Add chili, star anise, cinnamon (if you like) then add just enough soy sauce to the boil.

Add the fish, add enough water and not to submerge the fish's face.

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Now just add enough salt and soy sauce again to taste. Cover and cook until the fish is tender, the fish sauce thickened. Sprinkle some green onions and serve with white rice.

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1. Braised fish


- 1 catfish, cut open, cut to taste

- 4 scallions

- 4 dried onions

- ½ tsp caramelized coconut milk (or bitter candy, liquid water)

- Black pepper

- 2 peppers, sliced

- Fish sauce, sugar, enough oil


- Wash spring onion and slice to be small piece.

- Peeled shallots, sliced. Divide the onion into two halves. Put the white part of the green onions and half of the dried onions into the mortar, crush.

- Then, put the onion mixture in the bowl containing fish. Add coconut caramel, pepper, fish sauce, sugar and mix well. Marinate for 30-35 minutes.

- Heat the pan with a little cooking oil, add the remaining half of onion to the fragrant, turn off the heat. Arrange fish with fish sauce, turn on the heat and cook on medium heat.

Then, add the fragrant fried onion. Simmer for 30-45 minutes, during this process, gently turn the fish once every 10 minutes. Finally, add some scallions, pepper, fresh peppers, boil a little more and turn off the heat.

Braised fish with white rice, boiled vegetables will bring a delicious feeling to enjoy!


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2. Braised carp with melon


- 1 carp is about 1kg-1.5kg

- Fatty meat (I choose the fat with less meat)

- Pickles pickles

- Tomatoes, vinegar suddenly

- Ginger, dry onion, turmeric, green onion, dill, chili.


With braised carp dishes, I love braising with pork fat to eat. So I bought fatty meat, washed it, cut it into pieces and fry the fat and take out the tips to separate, the fat will be used to fry fish. The golden fried pork rinds are deliciously cooked in carp dish

Carp hit scales, abdominal surgery, cleaning. Touch the sugar on the surface of the fish. Pour a little salt into the fish belly that has been washed, blot dry. Put the fish in a pan and fry it through the fish until the skin is yellow. For carp dishes cooked pickles you can fry or not fried fish also. But I like to fry through the fish to reduce the fishy smell.

Slice some sugar before frying fish. Wash tomatoes, add areca nut and stir-fry with fat (or cooking oil).

Next let the pickles squeeze the water and stir-fry, seasoning to taste. You put ginger and shredded ginger to stir well if you like spicy food. If you want to increase the acidity, you can make a little more vinegar.

If there is no vinegar suddenly, you can use batch instead. The amount of water in the pot must be made so that until the fish is cooked, ginseng will face the fish.

Braised water boiled with boiling water for you carp, grease and little turmeric powder (or freshly ground turmeric) to braise together.

Flip the fish once while braising so that the fish will absorb evenly the sour, spicy and salty sides. Flip gently to avoid crushing the fish. The fish infused with the flavor of your onion sprinkled, diced into the pot and north.

Braised carp carp pickled hot new delicious, so this dish people often put fish into a stainless steel plate or still in the pot to cook and eat.

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If you want to make a dish of braised pork belly with bacon instead of fat meat, just add the ingredients of about 200g of bacon washed and sliced ​​then fry briefly so that the meat produces less fat and then sauteed with pickles as in step on and continue with the rest of the steps.