Making steamed crabs, if all 3 steps are both delicious and fragrant crabs eat the whole restaurant

With just 3 simple steps, you will have delicious steamed crab dishes for your family without having to enjoy.

Steamed crabs are a favorite dish, especially for those who are seafood followers. However, steaming the crabs at home if not done correctly will not have a good taste, even if the legs or the crabs are lost, it will be unsightly. Therefore, when steaming crabs, women should not skip the following 3 steps to get the delicious dish you want:

1. Soak the crabs with white wine

Purchased crabs need to be washed before steaming. However, crabs with lots of legs are even more difficult to clean. Therefore, soak the crab in white wine for 10-15 minutes just to reduce the fishy smell, while making the crabs drunk, then it will be easier to scrub it.

When brushing, use a toothbrush to brush from crab bibs, crab shells and legs, as much as possible and then rinse with clean water. Note, should rub gently to not break the legs.


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2. Tie the leg back

After the crabs are cleaned, tie them up as often as the sellers do. The goal is to prevent crabs from jumping or running during steaming due to overheating, causing the legs or legs to fall out.

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3. Add ginger or lemongrass, crab stomach when steaming

When steaming crab, add a little ginger, lemongrass to fragrant. Moreover, the smell of ginger rising makes crabs die faster and have better color.

In addition, the crab should be placed on its back to keep the fresh water inside the crab from flowing out. Many people steam their crabs downside down for good eyes, but this way the water flows away making the crab less delicious.

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Steamed crab dishes made in 3 steps will be delicious