Do this when boiling vegetables, ensuring the toxins in the vegetables will disappear

Fearing that green leafy vegetables are being sprayed with toxic chemicals, many families are now afraid of the magical food, which contains many vitamins and minerals necessary for this body. Rest assured that the following way when processing vegetables will help you eliminate toxins.

Correct mistakes when washing vegetables or expensive

1. Cut vegetables before washing

The habit of most housewives is to cut or disconnect vegetables first, then wash them. However, according to Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam, former Deputy Director of the National Institute of Nutrition, you should follow the opposite process: washing first, cutting later to ensure nutrition and hygiene.

Because cutting vegetables before washing will increase the contact area of ​​vegetables with water, making nutrients in water, vitamins and minerals soluble in water, especially vitaminC.

How to do this when cooking vegetables, damaging the contents of the vegetables quickly - 1

Green vegetables contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for the body. Illustration

2. Soak vegetables in water

Many people think that green vegetables are sprayed with too many toxic chemicals such as amphetamines, topical sprays, etc., so they often soak vegetables in water for 1 night or from the morning to the market until they prepare lunch or even dinner. .

However, if you soak the greens for too long in the water is a mistake, because greens contain a lot of water, based on the osmosis principle, if you soak them in water will cause foreign water to penetrate the vegetables to reach equilibrium state. Until the cell wall is broken due to excessive water penetration, the cytoplasmic solution will dissolve with the external water environment. Therefore, the nutrients in vegetables are also dissolved with the external water environment.

Vegetables after cutting, soaked in water will lose 14-23%, if soaked in 1 night, the amount of vitamin C is almost completely lost. The same goes for other nutrients such as B vitamins or minerals and water-soluble proteins.

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Soaking the vegetables in water for too long makes the nutrients in the vegetables also dissolve with the external water environment. Illustration

3. Rest assured soak vegetables in purple medicine, dilute salt water

According to results from the National Institute of Nutrition, the institute has conducted a number of experiments soaking vegetables in the environment of potassium permanganate (1% solution of potassium permanganate) and diluted saline, the results obtained almost no effect with Worm eggs and some bacteria cause disease. The amount of plant protection chemicals decreases significantly if not washed again and again.

The reason is that most of the vegetables are not grown according to the hygienic process, such as: irrigating fresh manure, north manure or manure that has not been thoroughly composted, using pesticides improperly ... leading to pathogens. eaters susceptible to gastrointestinal infections, helminths, acute and chronic pesticide poisoning.

How to wash vegetables clean?

To ensure adequate nutrition in vegetables, and to ensure hygiene, Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Thi Lam said that washing each leaf directly under running water is the most effective way to remove worm eggs and pathogenic bacteria.

How to do this when cooking vegetables, damaging the large bowl in vegetables will disappear - 3

Washing vegetables directly under running water is also very effective in removing residual pesticide residues. Illustration

Washing vegetables directly under running water is also very effective in removing residual pesticide residues. Be careful with vegetables grown in water because there are many parasites sticking directly to vegetables that the naked eye cannot see, most of which are eggs of parasites and bacteria.

Open the pot when boiling vegetables

In terms of nutrition, vegetables have a large amount of organic acids, some of which are harmful to the body. These organic acids will evaporate during processing. 

So when processing should open the lid to eliminate harmful substances to the body, and also work to retain chlorophyll and magnesium in vegetables.

Do not cook vegetables before meals too long because during processing, the water and nutrients in green vegetables are separated. The longer it takes, the more nutrients are separated and the vegetables are no longer fresh and green.