How to make delicious fruit yogurt at home

Fruit yogurt is a familiar dish to cool down the summer. But not everyone knows how to make delicious fruit yogurt. Let's follow how to make fruit yogurt below.

Simple fruit yogurt ingredients

- 1 liter of unsweetened fresh milk

- 1 can of condensed milk

- 200g of unsweetened yogurt

- 400g ripe mango (or other fruits)

- 4 leaves of gelatin

- 100g of diameter

- Jars of clean yogurt

Instructions on how to make fruit yogurt at home

Step 1: Make yogurt at home

- Heat 1 liter of unsweetened milk on the stove. When you see the water evaporates, turn off the heat, pour about 100g -250g of condensed milk, stir while the milk is still hot. The amount of condensed milk varies according to each person's taste.

- After the milk has cooled, just a little warm, touching the big wall without feeling hot is okay. Add 200g of unsweetened yogurt, stir to dissolve and cover.

- Pour the yogurt into large cups and place in a large pot. Boil 1 liter of boiling water, then pour into a yogurt brewing pot. Just fill ⅔ cup yogurt with water. Cover tightly and incubate for 8 hours. When the yogurt is thick, smooth, pulling the toothpick out without sticking.

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Step 2: Preliminary processing fresh fruits

You can use many different fruits to make fruit yogurt, so choose fruits that are mostly meat instead of water. For example, mangoes, peaches, apples, grapes ...

- Soak 4 soft-bloom gelatin leaves.

- Rinse and peel 400g mango, then cut into small pieces to taste. Marinate the mango with 100g sugar for 15 minutes, then mango slug on low heat. Bring to the boil, remove 4 gelatin leaves, gently stir until melted. When the sugar is around the mango piece, turn off the heat and allow to cool. Do not use chopsticks or spoons to mix fruit when it is hot because it has crushed it.

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Step 3: Mix yogurt and fruit

Pour the finished yogurt into a large bowl, then use a thin spatula to gently mix the fruits and yogurt.

Divide yogurt into small jars and store in the refrigerator for about 3 hours to enjoy. Yogurt yogurt is delicious, yogurt must be smooth, sour and fruity.

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The secret to making delicious fruit yogurt at home

- Should be time-based so that when the fruit has cooled down, the yogurt will incubate just reached, avoid for too long, the fruit may gel, when mixed with milk will be more difficult and the gelatinous effect of gelatin is also poor. than.

- The amount of gelatin in the recipe is just enough to keep the yogurt solid, not to the freezing level like jelly. Depending on the taste and the consistency of the milk and the fruit, you can adjust the amount of gelatin, the more milk gelatin will become.